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Central Superior Service (CSS) is a Competitive Examination conducted by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) to recruit new officers for the posts (BS-17) annually. The candidates who aspire to give the exam come from the entire country. Those passing with flying colors are recruited and assigned the key posts in various departments of the Civil Service. One of the following 12 Service Groups is allotted to the qualifiers according to the merit.



Provincial Management Services (PMS) is a competitive Examination conducted by the Commission of respective Province. It includes written test, psychological test and interview. The candidate who passes these 3 stages is offered a government job as First Class Officer (Grade 17).

SFLCT Strengthens Global with Strategic Partnership

In Lahore, Pakistan, the Society for Low Carbon Technologies (SFLCT) expanded its presence in South Asia, particularly with the signing of a first-of-its-kind agreement in the nation with the World Times International, part of the World Times Institute, which is Pakistan's premier Civil Services Exam preparation center.




Maheen Hassan (PAS)

1st Position CSS 2020

CSS is a recipe of determination, strength, focus and hard work. My journey of CSS has been longer than most people, and I got allocated in my desired service group (PAS) in the third attempt. Nevertheless, my time in IRS has been great. Having served in Lahore, Balochistan and Islamabad at policy and operational levels, FBR became my alma mater in transforming me from a student to an officer. For CSS aspirants, I would say that a directional effort is essential. Seek help from CSS mentors, choose the right subjects, practice your English writing skill and be confident. WTI provides all of this, and it takes the responsibility of dropping you off at CSA in a very smooth manner. I wish you all the best.”


Yasir Nazir (PAS)

2nd Position CSS 2020

Interview preparation from the World Times Institute proved really helpful for me. From the initial assessment to the final mock interview, everything was very well-planned and organized. Most importantly, the sessions with guest speakers on the topics from economy to foreign affairs provided me with a critical point view, and that will assist me in the future as well.


Tazeen Zafar (PAS)

3rd Position CSS 2020

The mock interview I gave at WTI proved to be very helpful and guided me in the right direction.The panel interview made me better prepared for the real deal.


Namra Awais (PAS)

6th Position CSS 2020

World Times Institute has been a source of great help in my success in CSS 2020. This is because they ensure that students are provided with expert advice and feedback as part of their interview session.


M.Ali (PAS)

10th Position CSS 2020

I still remember that when I started to struggle for CSS, it was my dream to be featured in World Times Magazine. My journey of CSS is full of hardwork and consistent effort. Had I not appeared in mock exams arranged by WTI, it would not have been possible to secure such a marvelous success in life. Thank you World Times for being a trustworthy partner during my struggling period.


M Hammad Hamid (PAS)

12th Position CSS 2020

I utilized WTI for mock exams and interviews. My experience in both helped me mould my preparation to make it congruous with the actual environment of the exam and interview. Thus, WTI helped me in a crucial aspect of the preparation journey: practice.


Arslan Tariq (PAS)

13th Position CSS 2020

World Times is a quality institute for competitive examinations with best resources available. Its enabling environment kept me motivated over the course of my preparation. I am really thankful to all the teachers and staff members who helped me throughout this journey.


M. Ramzan Ishtiaq (PAS)

14th Position CSS 2020

I would like to extend my gratitude to WTI team in general and Panel in specific. The exercise of mock interview with Panelists helped me alot in my Final interview.I found it way too close to the FPSC panel.


Hashim Masood (PAS)

15th Position CSS 2020

I came to Jahangir World Times (JWT) with very limited understanding of CSS but here I am today with allocation in prestigious Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS). I just knew that I wanted to do it, but JWT showed me the way to success. JWT has an awesome team of instructors and staff, who are near to ideal for the preparation of CSS Written Exams, Psychological Exams and Viva Voce. Most importantly, JWT provided me with an amazing opportunity to interact with competent CSS aspirants and some of them are going to be my friends for life. So, I had a kind of mini - CTP in JWT due to which I already knew more than half of my CSS-2020 batchmates before the declaration of final result. All of this could not have been possible without one man: Sir Adeel Niaz (founder of JWT). I'm very grateful to him for making such an amazing institution and its competent team.


Abdul Sami Shaikh (PSP)

17th Position CSS 2020

I came to WTI as soon as our written result came out. Before that I had never joined any academy, so for me this was all a new experience. The administration and the mentors at the WTI accommodated us well. Lastly, the continuous and rigorous practice that we did at the WTI helped me perform well on the real day and for that I am grateful to everyone at World Times Institute.


Syed Noor Hussain (PAS)

20th Position CSS 2020

My experience at World Times was truly enriching. The institute provided the correct intellectual guidance and motivation to navigate through the arduous and perplexing journey of CSS. The teachers here are amazing. It was a truly humbling experience to learn from and be inspired by some of the most knowledgeable and dedicated mentors. World Times is not just an institute but a second home for me.


M. Arsalan Gul

21st Position CSS 2020

“ Before studying for CSS, I wasn’t sure that going to an academy would make any difference. But World Times Institute changed my perception. I believe CSS is half about the approach and question attempting techniques and half about the knowledge. WTI helped me in both these areas. I joined WTI for both written and interview sessions. Particularly in the interview session, they accommodated me quite well as I was in Sydney at the time of the written result and had no other platform available to prepare. In that situation, WTI embraced me like family throughout the process. I was given access to extra classes for the ones which I had missed and the opportunity for online interview evaluation and speaking practice. So, overall I would say that if you choose WTI, they would remain by your side till the final result”


Hamid Imtiaz (PSP)

23rd Position CSS 2020

World Times institute helped me throughout my CSS journey. The cooperative and experienced faculty at WTI provided me with the right guidance required for this exam. Moreover, the rigorous practice sessions proved beneficial in the final exams.


Muntha Azhar (PAS)

24th Position CSS 2020

From the diagnostic interviews to mock panel interviews, WTI helps candidates refine and express their knowledge as per the interview requirements. Panelists grill the candidates enough to make them feel comfortable while handling the FPSC panel’s questions.


Sajeel Ahmad (FSP)

27th Position CSS 2020

The experience at World Times Institute was really satisfying. The mock interview helped me identify the areas that I needed to work on which eventually helped me succeed.


Syed Abdul Rahman (PSP)

28th Position CSS 2020

Owing to a full time job with stringent timings and outstation posting I was unable to attend formal interview preparation session at World Times Institute. Therefore, the WTI arranged online classes in a hybrid session where we used to have online classes on weekdays and psychological & thematic mock interview practice sessions in the academy over the weekends. I am highly indebted to Madam Tahmina for giving me individual attention as being out of touch from studies for a while I had no idea about the assessment criteria of FPSC. She not only identified the key areas I needed to work upon but also helped me to track my progress. The session not only brushed up my knowledge but also allowed me to structure my answers in a more precise & coherent manner. The final mock interview session brushed up my pressure handling skills and the session was enough to prepare me for the final interview.


Muneeb Ahmad (PSP)

30th Position CSS 2020

Thank you for all the opportunities that you gave me as a aspirant. I would not be where I am today without that experience. It truly was the best decision to join World Times Institute for CSS preparation


M. Aarez Tajwar (PSP)

31st Position CSS 2020

The super class at World Times played a pivotal role in reforming my preparation for the written phase. The interview team was very supportive and polished my communication skills to ensure that I was at my best on the big day.


Nazish Shahzadi (PSP)

32nd Position CSS 2020

I started my CSS journey with World Times in September 2019 when I wasn’t even sure that I should appear in exams. I started taking classes and I actually felt like that kid from “Taare Zameen Par” who had no idea what was going on around and what he had stepped into. But it wasn’t for long as the teachers at World Times Institute cleared the clouds in my head and guided me through every single step of it from Essay and Précis, covering every bit of it through Current Affairs and Islamiat. They say CSS is all about your knowledge. But I say it’s about how you express your knowledge in written as well during the interviews. This is what World Times made me capable of. It imparted knowledge and taught me how to put those words in just the right amount and in just a perfect way to convince examiners giving me good marks. Teachers at World Times have always been very kind to me. They pay their due attention to every single student in a way as he needs it. You just go to the door that is always open for any and every student.


Ammara Saeed (IRS)

35th Position CSS 2020

I had a great experience and a wonderful time at World Times Institute. Here I learnt the art of critical analysis. Moreover, under the supervision of amazing mentors, my writing and communication skills improved a lot. In short guidance provided by World Times, eased the difficult task of acing CSS for me.


Zohaib Nazir (FSP)

36th Position CSS 2020

Mock interview at JWT was a great learning experience. It helped me in identifying and correcting my flaws. The rigorous nature of the mock interview played a due part in boosting my confidence level before the actual interview.


Huma Tariq (FSP)

37th Position CSS 2020

My experience, and the time I spent at WTI has been an excellent one. From the constant motivation, counselling and the guidance I had was indeed one of a kind. The test series, mocks helped me ace the prestigious exam in my first attempt. Thank you WTI.


M. Aleem (PSP)

39th Position CSS 2020

When I decided to embark on the journey of taking CSS exams in 2018, I found myself without much guidance and counsel. I was introduced to the World Times institute by a friend, and soon I joined it. World Times not only stoked the flames of my aspiration to become a part of Civil Service of Pakistan, but also provided adequate support and mentorship at every step of the way. Be it preparation of written exam or extensive interview practice, I found World Times fully committed to assist its students in achieving their target. Remarkable mentors were present to provide exceptional as well as tailored education, and it is safe to say that they have played a critical role in my success.


M. Saad Bin Ubaid (PSP)

42nd Position CSS 2020

Progress is only possible with proper evaluation because without that, a person never knows if he is following the right direction. This is what I experienced at World Times Institute. A thorough panel interview not only gave me an insight of where I stood but also helped me determine how to become better by honing my skills. Therefore overall, my experience at WTI was wonderful


Babar Ali (PSP)

43rd Position CSS 2020

My mock interview at WTI was really helpful. The feedback given by the panel really helped me in rectifying my flaws.


Nida Saman (PAS)

44th Position CSS 2020

I found World Times institute as an extraordinary platform to groom my communication skills for interview purpose. Ma'am Tehmina and Sir Moazzam were a consistent support in this regard. The grilling sessions and mock interviews were really helpful for me.


Ali Abdullah (PSP)

46th Position CSS 2020

My experience with World Times Institute has been really helpful in preparing me for the final interview. The panel members gave me a thorough and detailed analysis of my strong points and on the things that I needed to work on. Their comments not only served as a tool for improvement but infact were a great motivation for me. Overall it was a very learning experience.


Rida e Zahra FSP

47th Position CSS 2020

World Times is extra special for me because I was in the super class in 2019 and also prepared for my interview in 2020. I joined World Times for my interview prep in tumultuous times. Covid shifted the classes online and I was very concerned about my preparation. However, World Times handled the situation and transitioned to online classes expeditiously. Classes were interactive and very productive. I can say it with certainty that I could not have succeeded without the help and guidance that I got from my teachers here in WTI.


Ayesha Siddiqua (PCS)

48th Position CSS 2020

Talking about experience, the learning process at World Times Institute helped me broaden up my knowledge base and the fact that interview requires a 360 degree inspection of candidate, ma’am Tehmina and others did a great job in that regard so the experience there did help me improve where I lacked and enhanced me otherwise.


M. Hamza Jahangeer (FSP)

51st Position CSS 2020

My experience at World Times was both enlightening and motivating at the same time. The precise preparation modus operandi adopted by this institute and the knowledge bequeathed by it make this Institution unrivaled when it comes to competitive examination preparation. The rigorous mock interview drills add to ones acumen while polishing ones conversational ability. All in all, World Times has perfected the art of imparting quality education and seasoning of civil servants. Of particular note is the utmost zeal, zest and devotion shown by Sir Adeel, Sir Irfan Raja and Madam Tahmina, to facilitate, sculpt and nurture potential CSP officers.


Noor ul Ain (PSP)

53rd Position CSS 2020

In my journey of PMS and CSS, JWT has played a pivotal role. From the scratch of preparation till the final mock interview, I got guidance from this institution. All the teachers and mentors helped a lot in improving me on daily basis. Having a medical background, I was unaware of anything when I started my preparation but JWT teachers helped me to get through everything in a very smoother way. For CSS aspirants,I would say that important thing to get success is to do the work on your own with consistency. Institutions and teachers give us a roadmap on which they can go along with us to a certain limit. Rest of the path we have to cover on our own. So keep on practicing and praying to Allah Almighty, then miracles will happen for sure.


Shazra Saeed (PCS)

55th Position CSS 2020

I had a great experience at World Times Institute. It was a comprehensive and an all-encompassing interview session which prepares you for the final interview in every way possible. They critically evaluate your performance at every step and keep you motivated to do better.


Osama Dastgir Malik (PCS)

56th Position CSS 2020

World Times institute helped me polish my intellectual skills and fill some voids. Mock interviews at WTI provided a conducive environment which made it quite easy for me to face the FPSC panel. I'd recommend the candidates ten to fifteen mocks per competitive exam interview so that one may become accustomed to the interview room environment and be able to speak their heart in a formal interview setting.


M. Umair Shakoor (FSP)

57th Position CSS 2020

I joined World Times Institute right from the start of my CSS journey. My experience at World Times remained wonderful. I found all the teaching staff and other faculty members very cooperative and helping.


Hira Fatima (FSP)

62nd Position CSS 2020

Preparing for the viva voce and the activities of CSS psychological seemed impossible while being a new mother during a pandemic. The faculty at World Times took my case as their very own responsibility and accommodated me to such an extent that I couldn't have imagined. They pushed me to revise my subjects, coached me how to make an extempore speech and taught me how to perform a command task. It was an excellent platform where I could make my mistakes and then learn from them. They especially arranged extra practice sessions for struggles like myself and made me repeat the activities till I perfected them to their satisfaction. I'll be forever grateful to World Times Institute for their valuable guidance, for their hard work on me and for their exceptional support.


Simrah Azhar (PCS)

63rd Position CSS 2020

Undoubtedly my experience at World Times Institute was beyond my expectations. Every single teacher is supportive and makes the time to cater to individual needs. A huge part of my success Alhamdulillah I owe to the institute.


Sanawar Iqbal (IRS)

67th Position CSS 2020

I have joined World Times for Mock interviews and it really helped me in my final interview. It was a wonderful experience indeed.


Sadaf Zaman (IRS)

70th Position CSS 2020

Arduous journey of CSS examination becomes easier with the right kind of guidance. Interview preparation requires a well-designed strategy encompassing expansion of knowledge base, confidence building and overall grooming of the personality. World Times Institute equips a candidate with all of these. Practice sessions as well as panel mock interview enabled me to tackle the pressure of final day.


Umer Mukhtar (IRS)

72nd Position CSS 2020

It's been an arduous journey and it would have been even more cumbersome if there was no contribution of a great institution like WTI. I started my CSS preparation from JWT back in 2018, I not only learnt what to read and how to read but also the technicalities of this prestigious examination. To put things in perspective, WTI has a great contribution in my success.


Mahnoor Bano (IRS)

74th Position CSS 2020

I joined World Times Institute for both written part and interview's preparation. I can say this with full confidence that WTI is amongst the finest institutes for CSS journey. Proper guidance and regular evaluation by faculty members allowed me to improve my weak areas. In addition to it, I would like to offer my special gratitude to Sir Zahid Aziz and Sir Salman Kazmi for their tremendous efforts. Without their help, it would have been much more difficult for me to ace this exam in my first attempt.


Hafsa Shahid (IRS)

76th Position CSS 2020

World Times Institute is surely an incomparable one-stop preparation platform for the Civil Service. The individual attention and effort put forth by its indomitable mentors especially Ma'am Tehmina during the Interview phase made all the difference and is laudable! Thank you World Times!


Shahroz Mukhtar (IRS)

77th Position CSS 2020

WTI has been very helpful in whole of my interview process. It gave me an opportunity to nourish my knowledge as well as communication skills through their coaching classes. Moreover, the mock interviews at WTI give you a thorough evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses, which help you improve.


Samra Zaghuim (IRS)

78th Position CSS 2020

My mock interview at World Times institute helped me polish my analytical skills. Moreover, the panel was very encouraging that motivated me for the final interview.


M. Mobeen Sajid (IRS)

79th Position CSS 2020

The journey towards securing a job in the central services is undoubtedly one which requires utmost dedication and effort. During this journey I was fortunate to receive guidance and support from highly acclaimed mentors at World Times Institute. I must admit that my mentors played an instrumental part in my journey towards success. In particular, I am grateful towards sir Sarmad Jabbar and Madam Tehmina Habib for putting me on the right track. Apart from receiving guidance, I also gained the opportunity to befriend fellow aspirants from whom many are joining the 49th Common Training Program with me. It was indeed a pleasure to have prepared for CSS at World Times Institute.


M. Waqas (PAAS)

80th Position CSS 2020

It was a wonderful experience for me. I was in WTI for my mock interview. That interview helped me alot in my final interview. The grilling that took place in my mock interview at World Times Institute , prepared me for the final interview.


Zubair Nawaz (IRS)

81st Position CSS 2020

I joined World Times for Mock exams in December and then for Interview preparation as well. WTI is a mini university with all the facilities available there. It was very pleasant experience to take mock exams there. Evaluation and feedback of respective teachers of the subjects were very productive and useful. For interview, there is an immense contribution of INTERVIEW PANEL at WTI who guided me in detail each and every point that was important in the context of interview. I am grateful.


Mohsin Ali (PSP)

83rd Position CSS 2020

World Times Institute truly deserves the fame it has acquired over the years. I had the privilege to interact with some of the highly seasoned bureaucrats and mentors. The institute provided me with a very conducive atmosphere and a dedicated faculty displaying sincerity of purpose.


Naimat Rasool (IRS)

86th Position CSS 2020

It was very pleasant indeed. WTI provided a platform to connect with all the great people of 49th common. Best part of interview session was the regular mocks conducted by this institution. Those mock sessions helped us a lot. Thank you WTI.


Jahanzaib Ali Tufail (OMG)

87th Position CSS 2020

There is infinite knowledge in this world. It is impossible to cover everything under the Sun. Therefore, it is vital to know, first of all, what to study, retain and let go to get through CSS journey in your first attempt. I believe, from my experience, WTI has very able, experienced and professional mentors to enable aspirants become officers in their first attempt.


Omer Sultan (IRS)

89th Position CSS 2020

World Times Institute gave really tough time and it turned out to be very propitious during interview preparation. The mock interview was very productive in order to find shortcomings.


M. Hamza (IRS)

90th Position CSS 2020

It was a wonderful experience to join the test series of World Times Institute which helped me alot in my written part as I came to know about various paper techniques. Moreover,I had wonderful interactive sessions with the experts of World Times during my interview preparation which helped me to improve my interview skills. I am very thankful to Sir Adeel Niaz, Sir Rai Yasir Farhad and Mam Tehmina Habib for helping me throughout my journey.❤


Syeda Zenab Hussain (IRS)

93rd Position CSS 2020

Quarterly assessments, mock series and interview preparation at World Times Institute helped me alot to clear CSS-2020 especially when I was working as a medical officer and didn’t get time to visit the campus regularly. I am thankful to the teaching and administrative staff that cooperated with me


Hasnain Ahmed (PAS)

97th Position CSS 2020

WTI has been instrumental in making my CSS journey successful. My first engagement was during the mock examinations conducted in December 2019. Their thorough assessment and supportive faculty helped me overcome the deficiencies I had in my writing. Likewise, during my interview preparation, I never felt confident enough. It was the rigorous interview preparation process of WTI, going through which, I boosted my confidence. WTI provided me a platform which demanded my 100% efforts. Continuous group discussions, impromptu speeches and tough interview sessions were parts of the systematic preparatory process that WTI offered to the candidates like me. I am really grateful to the management and the faculty for making me able to compete with one of the top candidates of the country and helping me get allocated in Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS).


Dr. M. Asad Riaz (PAAS)

98th Position CSS 2020

My experience at WTI was really amazing. Especially Mock interviews helped me boost my confidence and present the arguments in a precise and composed manner. The unbiased evaluation of panel members and supporting staff members to address the weak areas, really helped me in my interview.


Fatima Tariq (OMG)

100th Position CSS 2020

By the grace of Allah Almighty, prayers of my parents/loved ones, support of my friends, and the guidance given by the teachers at World Times Institute have played a key role throughout my CSS Journey to make my dream come true to become the youngest female CSS Officer of 49th Common.


Ghulam Fareed (OMG)

102nd Position CSS 2020

World Times Institute is such a dedicated and hardworking institution that no one on this planet can compete with WTI. I was hesitant to join World Times interview session but today I am proud of my this decision to join WTI. Covid -19 tried its level best to wreck our session but WTI Management crushed every barrier and made it like a pro


Zia ur Rehman (PAAS)

109th Position CSS 2020

WTI gave me the opportunity to learn from the best mentors regarding the interview. They were to the point when it came to discussion. The short mock interview really helped in slowly understanding the process of interviews. While the mock interview, and the grilling that those honorable member give, is worthy to help you go through the main interview. Overall, it was a good experience and all the whole staff was friendly and helped a lot in that interview preparation time.


M Usman Manzoor (PAAS)

110th Position CSS 2020

I joined WTI for interview preparation and it helped me discover my strengths and weaknesses. Through practice sessions, I learned to keep my composure and better articulate my ideas that helped a lot in the final interview. Most importantly, I got to be in the company of learned individuals who inspired me to push my boundaries and work harder.


Mian Abbas Maalik Wattoo (PAAS)

111st Position CSS 2020

World times institute really helped me to gain valuable confidence and prepared me very well for the interview journey. Ma'am Tahmina and the whole team went out of their way to ensure that each candidate got individual attention and feedback.


Anza Abbasi (PAS)

112nd Position CSS 2020

I went to WTI for a mock interview. I was traveling to Lahore and got delayed due to the fog. Fortunately, the staff was extremely cooperative and made adjustments to the timings. The campus was amazing and WTI arranged lunch as well. Most importantly, the panel was very professional. The panel members guided me and gave me resources to better prepare for the interview. I would recommend all future CSS interview candidates to take WTI mock sessions.


M. Faheem (PSP)

113rd Position CSS 2020

All praise to Almighty. I feel proud to be the part of World Times Family. I joined the WTI for interview preparations. The competitive environment along regular thematic interviews, mini mocks followed by Grand mocks along guidance and interactive sessions with senior bureaucrats arranged by the institute helped me to handle the pressure and perform best in my main interview. I owe my success to the great efforts of the faculty of this institute. Thanks!


Ahmad Murtaza (PAS)

116th Position CSS 2020

I believe with the right mentorship and consistent feedback, one can crack this complex examination and attain his/her desired success. The guidance at WTI proved really helpful in this arduous journey and is definitely the right place for all aspirants wishing to make it to CSA.


Shaista Jabeen (PAS)

118th Position CSS 2020

From mock exams to mock interviews, WTI surely helped me to ace the exam by providing me the right direction and invaluable guidance. It offers a conducive environment for learning. Moreover, the monthly publication of the JWT proved instrumental in my CSS preparation.


Tamveel Mujahid (PAAS)

121st Position CSS 2020

I joined WTI for written preparation. All the teachers had been very cooperative and encouraging. Guidance and assessment provided at the institute paved my way to success. Moreover, the mock interview were very helpful. The detailed assessment by the panel helped me a lot to rectify my mistakes.


Awais Khan (PAAS)

122nd Position CSS 2020

The best things about WTI are: 1. Their professionalism: Even with the current COVID situation in Pakistan, they were able to manage online classes in a very organized and coordinated way. 2. Instead of hiring a single person for a subject, they hire different people for different topics, based on the experience of those instructors. They have the best faculty for CSS preparation in Pakistan. 3. WTI starts treating you like CSS officers, the moment you enter into this institute. This gives a positive boost to your morale. They give proper attention to each student according to his/her needs. 4. Direct teacher - student communication till your written exam / interview is another thing that I love WTI for. All in all, WT acts like a guiding star to those who feel lost while travelling through the vast landscapes of this arduous CSS journey. I would definitely recommend WTI to every CSS aspirant.


M. Taimoor Khan (PAAS)

124th Position CSS 2020

My experience with world times has been very incredible, to say the least. My association with world times has been brief but it has helped me tremendously improve where i lacked and helped me secure an allocation. Particularly the psychological tests/preparation aided me with identifying my strengths and weaknesses and resultantly answer in a way which allowed me to project my strengths and conceal my weaknesses.


Akhtar Amin (PCS)

126th Position CSS 2020

My stay at WTI for my interview preparation has been an integral part of my CSS journey. The quality mentorship along with a full-fledged environment at WTI was what helped me sail through post-written phases of CSS. I owe this success to faculty of WTI who has always been there to help us create a difference. WTI is doing a brilliant service to nation, I must say.


Hassan Jawad (IG)

127th Position CSS 2020

I joined WTI for my CSS interview preparation and found it very useful. The staff of JWT takes care of you as a precious commodity and put their whole energies to overhaul the deficiencies of the candidate. Mock interviews followed by panel interviews played an instrumental role in my allocation. Thank you so much WTI.


M. Hamza Sarwar (IG)

128th Position CSS 2020

Since I joined WTI for interview preparation, I believe WTI rightly equipped each one of its students with the knowledge, confidence and practice to ace the viva-voce.


Nadeem Aurangzeb (PAS)

137th Position CSS 2020

Experience at the World Times Institute was priceless. Thanking profusely to the World Times faculty and the entire team, especially Ma'am Tahmina for her dynamic mentorship. The academic rigour, personal grooming, and interaction with seasoned bureaucrats, renowned economists, and international speakers were all very effective tools which inculcated critical thinking ,and skills-set in me, which helped me ace CSS 2020 Examination with flying colors.


Tehreem Ahsan (IG)

145th Position CSS 2020

World Times Institute provided me with the best platform to prepare for CSS. They guided me in the right direction which ultimately helped me to achieve my success and become part of bureaucracy of Pakistan.


Maira Javed (IG)

151st Position CSS 2020

Worl Times was a new experience for me and after clearing the written exam I was very unsure and overwhelmed. The situation if Covid was another depressing factor. But, World Times fought battle with us till the end. The efforts of teachers of Indo-Pak history and geography is really commendable. Those teachers delivered online lectures with utmost prowess. The regular psychological practice paid well on the final day. The devotion and encouragement of ma'am Tahmina helped me to keep going. I highly recommend World Times for interview preparation session.


Anum Aslam (PG)

152nd Position CSS 2020

I found WTI helpful. It really helped me during my interview phase, especially in psychological activities that were planned rigorously and periodically. The panelists of WTI gave detailed feedback of all mock sessions that actually proved fruitful.


Iqra Javed (IG)

153rd Position CSS 2020

World Times is the sole platform that helped to take right steps in the right direction especially during my interview journey. The guidance, professionalism of highly qualified faculty and individual attention to the aspirants are the basic reasons that I have joined this platform. Alhamdulilah, this institute also have proved the single shining star, torching the path for aspirants according to their caliber. My interview experience was amazing with this institute.


Imran ul Haq (PAS)

160th Position CSS 2020

The prolonged journey of CSS needs continuous motivation and proper guidance. World Times Institute plays tremendous job in this regards. The mock interviews in WTI helped me alot, to unlock my potentials to qualify CSS by securing position in PAS.


Saadia Aslam (IG)

167th Position CSS 2020

It was great learning experience at WTI for interview preparation. The teachers are really helping in every aspect of preparation. I highly recommend joining its mock interviews and group discussions activities for getting good score in interview.


Zahoor Ahmed (IRS)

169th Position CSS 2020

My interview experience at WTI was outstanding. Staff and faculty were very cooperative. The opportunity to interact with bureaucrats and getting hands on experience related to interview was the key to my success. WTI is one of the best institutes in Pakistan for getting guidance and nailing CSS/PMS either in written examination or interview.


Saud A Hassan (IRS)

191st Position CSS 2020

Saud A Hassan (IRS) 191st Pos I joined World Times Institute for interview preparation which proved to be pivotal in honing my skills necessary to get through the exam. The practice sessions and mock interviews helped a great deal in identifying my strengths and weaknesses to better equip me for the final one. If you are looking for a one stop shop that eases your way to each stage of CSS, WTI is the right place to go to.


Gul Hassan (PAAS)

205th Position CSS 2020

Alhamdulillah, I have been successfully allocated as DSP in CCE-19 conducted by SPSC and got allocated in PAAS in CSS 2020. I would like to thank laudable the sincere efforts of WTI faculty in guiding me through my preparation phases. Hats off team WTI.


Majeed Ullah (FSP)

226th Position CSS 2020

Although I could not get an opportunity to study at WTI during my written exam preparation, But I found my experience at WTI galvanizing insofar as the interview preparation was concerned. World Times is top-of-the-line institute for CSS preparation with well-organized environment and highly competent mentors who tirelessly engage the aspirants during their journey by not only imparting relevant knowledge but also via generating a feedback loop that serves the aspirants' purpose well. As for the JWT magazine, it helps the aspirants with its quality articles and unrivalled publications. My recommendation to the CSS aspirants is to latch on to JWT. May it continue as a trailblazer institute for CSS aspirants on the unchartered course of their CSS preparation.


Aaliya Hassan (FSP)

229th Position CSS 2020

My experience at World Times Institute was amazing. The Institute proved very helpful for my interview preparation. It provided conducive environment to prepare well for interview. The continuous mock interviews and guidance of bureaucrats paved the way for good performance in my interview with FPSC panel.


Mashooq Ahmed (OMG)

244th Position CSS 2020

World Times gave me a platform where I could make the best of my abilities to achieve my desired goal. It provided guidance, mentorship, ambiance and confidence which is essential for every CSS candidate to have before appearing in written examination or interview. To say so, World Times is not just an institution, it’s a different place altogether.


Shafique Ahmed (PAAS)

360th Position CSS 2020

World Times Institute has been a great platform for learning the art of cracking Competitive Examinations. WTI guided me for allocation in Provincial Management Service (PMS) through Sindh Public Service Commission in 2019. Later, WTI has helped me during psychological and interview phases of CE 2020. It is the result of right guidance available at WTI that I have cracked CSS 20 and got allocated into Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service (PAAS). WTI has been forthcoming with guidance during my journey of provincial as well as federal competitive examinations. I truly appreciate and thank the mentorship and guidance of this wonderful institute towards realizing my dream.


Rana Haider Tahir (PAS)

1st Position CSS 2019

“The WTI mock panel prepares and grills you enough for you to ace the FPSC panel’s questions on the actual day. WTI panel’s quizzing may drain you, but it’s helpful and highly recommended.” ~Haider


Uzair Ali Khan (PAS)

3rd Position CSS 2019

“Mock interviews at WTI helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses. The panel gives an in-depth performance review which helps you polish your interview skills. With a mock interview, you understand not only how to handle pressure, but also get exposure to the environment of the actual interview. Interview stage is always a game of nerves, and mock interviews can help you perform well."~Uzair


M. Waqas Masud (PAS)

7th Position CSS 2019

My journey at WTI started in the first ever evening batch of Super Class. At this institute I learned the tips and tricks of CSS exam and through repeated mock examinations my skills were honed and developed for this arduous journey. Cracking CSS exam requires a lot of dedication, creativity and a methodical way of thinking. For this, I pay my regards and special thanks to all my mentors at WTI. ~M. Waqas Masud


M. Jawad Asif (PAS)

11th Position CSS 2019

After passing the written exam, the next milestone was to score good in interview. For that, I joined WTI's interview session. The highly qualified faculty guided me through all the process & gave me the tips & tricks that helped me out in the end. Not only this, the interview panelists were very highly experienced personnel, whose feed back helped me identify the loop holes in my preparation & perform more efficaciously in the interview. Moreover, The conducive environment burgeoned my efficiency & made me utilize my potential. ~ jawad


Fatima Arshad (PAS)

19th Position CSS 2019

WTI mentors guided me in every key aspect of CSS journey. From subject selection to relevant course material to how to attempt exams. They really put in their heart to ensure every student gets due attention. The teachers have full command over their subjects. Similarly, their interview session helped me practice for the psychological test activities and final day interview. WTI helped me remain focused and motivated for this arduous journey of CSS.~Fatima


Maham Mushtaq (PAS)

20th Position CSS 2019

I joined the prestigious WTI for my interview preparation. The mock interviews and psychological test practice sessions equipped me with the requisite skills that I needed to make it through the most crucial part of my CSS journey. Under the guidance of highly acclaimed teachers I managed to identify my weak areas and worked on them before the actual interview with the FPSC panel.


Abdul Hameed (PSP)

22nd Position CSS 2019

My Journey at WTI. After my graduation, I joined WTI, where I met competent faculty members and cooperative staff. They inspired and motivated me to crack the exam. CSS is a journey of commitment, consistency, and perseverance, which I managed to exercise with the support of the conducive environment provided by WTI in every regard. In the end, my special thanks to the WTI faculty and administration. ~Hameed


M. Shareef Kalhoro (PSP)

26th Position CSS 2019

Few academies significantly nourish the faculties of thought and mind, fewer still train aspirants to imagine a world of possibilities, there is hardly an institute that disseminates knowledge to the aspirants through organising discussions, meetings, seminars and publications. World Times Institute does all three! The role WTI played in my interview preparation deserves an applause. The mock interviews, friendly environment and well established structure truly proved to be game changer! ~Shareef


Muneeba Fatima (PAS)

27th Position CSS 2019

I joined World Times as part of the regular session and later became a part of the Super class. A conducive learning environment and regular testing helped me both expand my knowledge base and improve my paper attempting technique. I am grateful to my teachers and mentors at World Times for their constant support and guidance. ~Muneeba


Hasan Farrakh (FSP)

28th Position CSS 2019

The incredible teachers and supportive staff of the World Times Institute played truly a pivotal role in helping me prepare for the final interview as well as the accompanying psychological assessments. ~ Hasan Farrakh


Usama Asad Cheema (PAS)

29th Position CSS 2019

When I joined WTI for preparing the written part of the CSS exam, I had no clue of the intricacies involved in this exam. Here, I found mentors who helped me throughout my CSS journey. During the interview phase, one-on-one sessions were equally helpful. All in all, this journey would have been a lot more arduous for me without the direction I was provided at WTI. ~Usama


Zahra Noor (PAS)

30th Position CSS 2019

Amongst others, a basic feature that determines one's allocation is the periodic priority given to self-assessment. With this purpose in mind, i joined WTI for the mock exams. Through these, i was able to acknowledge my strong areas and overcome my shortcomings. Later, when the interview stage came, the coaching given by mentors sharpened my skills and brought out the best of my abilities. The 45 day austere session and the interactive environment provided all the necessary knowledge, conviction and confidence that was required at the final day of performance. I'm glad I became a part of this institution. Thank you Almighty Allah, my parents' prayers and WTI. ~Zahra


Atique ur Rehman (PSP)

33rd Position CSS 2019

I admire particular JWTs articles related to global changing affairs and interviews. As far as WTI is concerned, my experience during interview preparation was extremely productive. Some passionate CSP officers and WTI admin helped me a lot, worked on my communication skills and provided me with the accurate information with the highest amount of discipline and courtesy. Moreover, they enhanced my confidence by truly recognizing my Intellectual potential. ~Atique ur Rehman


Aaisha Tahir (PAS)

35th Position CSS 2019

My interaction with WTI started with weekend batch, as my daughter was very young at that time, this batch gave me all essential guidelines to ace the CSS examination. Highly professional & dedicated faculty members of World Times were my mentors. Later on, mock examination further enhanced my paper attempting skills. During interview preparation WTI was again my first choice and it is in here that my interview skills were polished especially, mock interview panelist’s grilling gave me the strength to handle pressure. ~Aaisha


Ali Haider (FSP)

42nd Position CSS 2019

One of the key challenges that a CSS aspirant encounters while preparing for the arduous examination is lack of self-evaluation. In this regard, WTI helped me a lot. I took WTI’s test series and mock exams, which helped me a lot in identifying my deficiencies timely. Once I had cleared the written part of the examination, I joined WTI again for interview preparation program which is very systematic, holistic and rigorous. Most importantly, the culture at WTI is positive, where all the aspirants are treated like a big family. WTI prepares you so well that at the decisive day of examination and interview, you feel free of undue pressure, which gives a big boost to your performance. Thank you, WTI. ~Ali Haider


Mian Ali Raza (PSP)

43rd Position CSS 2019

I visited World Times Institute for written mock papers. The rigorous mock sessions always help a serious candidate to supplement practice and reduce stress of real examination. Interaction during mock interview was also very good. May God bless them to continue their efforts with zeal for helping CSS aspirants. ~ Ali Raza


Talha Asad (PAS)

45th Position CSS 2019

My journey at WTI started not more than a month after my graduation. I joined regular morning batch in July of 2018. Thereafter, I joined evening batch of Super Class in October of 2018. Coming from an engineering background, initially, I had quite a difficult time grasping the concepts of certain subjects. However, I credit the sheer dedication and cooperation of the faculty at WTI which made it possible for me to get a grip on those subjects.~Talha


Ali Fahad (FSP)

60th Position CSS 2019

World Times Institute provides a conducive environment for learning and polishing your skills. It eases the exhaustive journey of CSS by facilitating you at every step. Written mock exams at WTI replicate the environment of FPSC examination. After passing the written examination next milestone is the interview. The psychological assessments, in-depth performance analysis and grilling by the interview panel prepares you well for the FPSC panel. I express my gratitude to the WTI faculty. ~Ali Fahad


Rana Armaan Iqbal (IRS)

89th Position CSS 2019

WTI helped me at every stage of my CSS journey. It helped me when I was preparing for the written exam and after that, provided all the necessary assistance for the next stage. From providing tips and tricks to clear the written exam to finally secure allocation, WTI had always been there to provide the right guidance. The faculty, at every stage, had been helpful in every possible way. I am grateful. Thank you WTI. ~Armaan


Dr. Ushna Habib (IRS)

104th Position CSS 2019

World Times Institute has been a guiding force from the very beginning of my CSS journey. They not only provide an encouraging environment but also provide access to some of the best teachers who help you at every step of the way and bring out the best in you. ~Ushna


Dr. Zulqarnain Saleem (OMG)

108th Position CSS 2019

Competitive exams are test of nerves along with knowledge and WTI conveniently conditions one for both. I have been coming to WTI since 2017 and found exceptional support, guidance and counselling. Written Mocks and panel interviews are patterned on final exam and were really productive. ~Zulqarnain


Maha Shafiq (FSP)

109th Position CSS 2019

I ventured forth with my dream of being a part of the Foreign Service of Pakistan with an ambition to succeed and the passion to serve my country. The faculty at WTI chalked out the right strategy which enabled me to proficiently tackle all complexities during this long haul. Right guidance coupled with the zeal to succeed definitely assures glory. ~Maha


Awais Chishti (PAAS)

133rd Position CSS 2019

WTI provided a good platform for the improvement in my overall performance. The way WTI evaluated my assignments and held my mock interview helped me a lot to rectify my mistakes and to get good score. CSS Exam is a recipe in which you need to add up different ingredients in a good proportion. Likewise, WTI added the required flavors by specifically helping me to know the fundamentals of this exam with their prolific and meticulous evaluation system of mocks. ~Awais


Mubra Tariq (PAAS)

134th Position CSS 2019

No man is an island. I owe this victory to my parents and well wishers who backed me with their precious prayers. My special thanks to WTI Faculty and administration and to all the mentors for their unmatched support and guidance throughout the process. Every end has a new beginning and what a shining start it is! So, work smart and hard, trust life and believe that better things are coming. ~Mubra


Asma Khalil (OMG)

138th Position CSS 2019

I joined WTI for CSS mock tests & that session has been very helpful and informative. All the teachers had been very cooperative &encouraging. They pointed out my weaknesses and addressed all of queries. Similarly, during my PMS interview, this institute polished my skills to crack the final interview. I was provided with the proper guidance and assistance at WTI which made my CSS and PMS journey easy. I humbly thank all the team of WTI.~Asma Khalil


Agha Shahriyar Khan (PAAS)

291st Position CSS 2019

After qualifying the written exam, I joined WTI for interview preparation on the advice of seniors CSPs. I was not disappointed from the whole interview preparatory session. The key points of the session were: comprehensive classes on the analysis of contemporary topics, particular attention to verbal and non-verbal skills, multiple mock interviews and special focus on psychological assessment. The most important feature for me was the cordial and open atmosphere established by WTI's administration which pushed the aspirants to talk and debate more confidently. I definitely recommend WTI for interview and psychological preparation.~Shahriyar


Atif Ameer (PSP)

2nd Position CSS 2018

World Times Institute proved instrumental in my CSS journey. Weekly tests, English helpdesk and availability of CSS qualified mentors, as well as highly experienced faculty are some of the key features that aided me during my stay at WTI. ~Atif


Muhammad Usman Ashraf (PAS)

20th Position CSS 2018

I joined WTI for Mock Interview session, and I must say the interview panel was quite helpful in identifying my weak areas in interview. It allowed me overcome them before the actual interview with the FPSC panel. ~Usman


Muhammad Awaid Irshad (PAS)

1st Position CSS 2017

WTI has been more than an academic institution for us throughout the preparation. The teachers and the team led by Sir Adeel Niaz motivated us, taught us and allowed us to navigate through hardships. Alongside their publications, primarily the JWT magazine, provide valuable insights into CSS coursework. ~Awaid


Mohammad Murtaza (PAS)

3rd Position CSS 2017

Everyone can reach the finish line, but coming to an institution like WTI makes the journey a lot more quick and a lot more fun ! During my 6 months at WTI, I learnt how easy it was to do CSS. ~Murtaza


Qurat ul Ain Zafar (PAS)

2nd Position CSS 2016

World Times is home to some of the best teachers in Lahore and my success would not have been possible without their guidance and mentorship. The management is incredibly helpful and the institute culture is motivating. ~Qurat


Zoha Shakir (PAS)

5th Position CSS 2016

I joined World Times Institute for the Interview preparation and the psychological and interview mocks proved to be very beneficial as they helped me to rectify my mistakes before the final interview. It was a good experience as WTI provided me a platform to interact with other fellow qualifiers and we all shared our experiences with one another. ~Zoha


Samman Abbas (PAS)

12th Position CSS 2016

When I joined the institute I didn’t know what I was up to. I took no time in realizing that WTI is a seat of joyful learning where the administration is pretty meticulous and the faculty coaches with commitment and precision. They truly encourage each participant to his strengths and offer perfect hand-holding to avoid pitfalls. They provide a conducive and competitive environment to the aspirants and help them in polishing their abilities. Overall, it was a fabulous experience in WTI. ~Samman


M. Shahab Aslam (PAS)

19th Position CSS 2016

In my opinion, World Times Institute is the best source that provides the basic skeleton or framework around which one can build the fort of success through personal commitment and hardwork. The unwavering devotion of the teachers is the best part of WTI experience. ~Shahab


M.Arsalan Saleem (PAS)

20th Position CSS 2016

I came to JWT at a very crucial and uncertain time of my CSS journey. I gave a psychological mock test and two mock interviews. My experience was great. The panel was not only highly learned and asked me the most pertinent questions, but also placed me in tense situations to test my nerves. The grilling I faced helped me improve substantially. ~Arsalan


Abida Fareed (PAS)

22nd Position CSS 2016

About world Times Institute I would say that, it played an applaudable role during my preparation for CSS examination. I attended test session of world Times institute which polished my knowledge and enabled me to perform well under exams stress. During interview preparation, the informative lectures and the interactive sessions with senior csps and mentors enabled me with required knowledge for my interview, which was groomed further by grilling mock interviews. ~Abida


M. Hassaan Ahsan (PAS)

23rd Position CSS 2016

World Times Institute is a beacon of light for CSS aspirants. The support and mentorship I received helped me iron out my weaknesses. The institute has played an instrumental role in my success in CSS 2016. ~Hassaan


Nawab Sameer (PAS)

25th Position CSS 2016

World Times Institute is the home of experts. The faculty that it provides has no match all around. It was an excellent experience to be taught by the best available faculty of the time. The highly seasoned officers and teachers inculcated the traits of bureaucracy in me even before qualifying this exam. The knowledge that I received from all those teachers enhanced my confidence and allowed me to perform in the best possible manner. It was an honour to gain guidance under such a highly qualified faculty. I am thankful to WTI to make my dreams come true. ~Nawab


M. Saad Butt (FSP)

29th Position CSS 2016

I joined World Times Institute for interview preparation and found it to be extremely helpful. Rigorous revision of optional subjects, guidance by competent guest lecturers and mock interviews and psychological assessments enabled me to attain a very good score in viva voce and get allocated to FSP. ~Saad


Bilal Ahmad (PSP)

33rd Position CSS 2016

World Times Institute is significantly accountable for my success in CSS. I joined it for mock interviews and it helped me a lot in polishing my communication skills. The atmosphere created by the management and the interview panel made me become used to the entire interview process. Apart from this, WTI gathered very experienced and renowned interview panelists, majority bureaucrats, who knew the ins and outs of the CSS interview. Their feedback immensely helped me firstly, in recognizing my weaknesses which I worked upon, and secondly, in giving me confidence by appreciating my strengths. ~Bilal


Beenish Rasheed (PCS)

44th Position CSS 2016

World Times has been very helpful for me since it provided me the appropriate platform and guidance to prepare for final exam. I came for interview preparation and it proved to be the right decision for me after written exam. Plus the encouragement that you get from the worthy mentors helps a lot. ~Beenish


Namra Awais (FSP)

50th Position CSS 2016

The key ingredients for success in CSS are hard work, commitment and proper guidance. Where hard work and commitment are your personal efforts, World Times Institute is a source of providing said guidance which proves to be pivotal in helping you secure your desired result. This is supplemented by the staff’s cooperation and time to time encouragement which plays a crucial role in boosting the morale of the students during the preparation process. ~Namra


Bilal Mahmood Sulehri (PSP)

53rd Position CSS 2016

I had the most exceptional learning experience at the World Times Institute. While at the institute, I was immersed in practical situations, complemented by outclass mentors’ supervision to understand the nitty gritty of the exam. They offer a consistent, comprehensive plan for overhauling the entire curricula. I believe that the academy, with its sophisticated ways of teaching, is nurturing the quintessential leaders for the future. ~Bilal


M.Yousaf Ismail (IRS)

74th Position CSS 2016

I joined World Times Institute for Interview preparation. Mock interviews at World Times proved very beneficial in my final interview. Moreover, I found very encouraging, helping and a wonderful environment there. ~Yousaf


M. Zulfiqar Ali (IRS)

78th Position CSS 2016

World Times is a torch bearer for CSS aspirants. All of its faculty members are well acquainted with the CSS trends who helped us to cut the difficult knot of interview. ~Zulfiqar


Nida Shahid (IRS)

79th Position CSS 2016

Psychological and interview preparation session at World Times has been aptly designed keeping in view the requirements of CSS qualifiers. Mock interview drills along with individual counselling at every step enabled me to strengthen my weak areas for the final day. JWT magazine is a must have for all CSS aspirants as it encompasses diversified yet relevant reading material for scoring good in current affairs exam. ~Nida


Sadia Sultan (CTG)

91st Position CSS 2016

World Times Institute has helped me prepare for CSS written as well as the interview. It has a great faculty who guide you throughout the whole process. The admin is particularly helpful try to keep you in loop about all the new developments surrounding the exam i.e during our time the whole course was revamped and JWT within no time helped us in choosing the right subjects and providing the study material. Their magazine is great which helps you keep updated on the current issues. I would definitely recommend the CSS aspirants to join it. ~Sadia


Sadaf Fatima (PAS)

108th Position CSS 2016

World Times Institute is a well organized and friendly institute with supportive teachers and staff. It offers favourable environment for aspirants. I particularly appreciate their facilities such as library, discussion room, and availability of tea and snacks for students. If you're a CSS aspirant who is starting preparation from scratch, I would recommend you to consult World Times Magazine to get sufficient know-how of the process, to acquire motivation from those who have succeeded, and to stay updated with current events. ~Sadaf